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United States

Age 28

Height 5 feet 5 - 1.65 m
Weight 62 kg - 136 lbs

Sexually is Bottom and Oral Giving
Looking for Sex, Dating, Friends and Relationship

I have looked at this site for awhile and really liked it. I finally decided to join to explore and make friends. I like older men because they are expeienced and know so much more that I do. Plus to me they are just hot and turn me on. Guys of my age are okay too, I guess, but I prefer older. I am shy and inexperienced and would appreciate a stronger teacher and aggresive Dom connection to teach me. I think I have wanted this all my life but didn`t know it. My relationships with girls have never been successful. I guess I have always been too submissive to enjoy dating girls. Maybe I just want to be like them? I just need a stronger older man who will control me. I am a total bottom submissive type.

My deepest desire is to meet a dominant, aggressive older man who likes kink, will take me and use me for his pleasure and show me things. I dream of him taking all my clothes off and pulling me over his lap and spanking my bare bottom red. To be honest, I am not sure I am ready, but I do wish for that. I don`t have a whole lot of experience, but am very willing to learn and will try my best.
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